Cocomo Club Scam

There is a scam in Poland where men are drugged and robbed at strip clubs.  It happened to me in 2014 and its still going on today.

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If you have been scammed, there appears little you can do. First thing is try going to the police. More than likely they will not be interested but they might help.

Next thing is to contact your bank. If you have paid by credit card, file a fraudulent claim. in the UK anyway, there is something called joint liability so the credit card company are liable too for the debt. I don’t know the exact law but a solicitor or citizens advice will be able to help if the credit company try fob you off.

If you paid by debit card, you may be out of luck. Its much harder to get money back from a debit card. I think the best you can do there is argue is was stolen and point to the other people that have been ripped off. If the transactions were chip and pin you will find it really hard to dispute.

If you are in Norway, you can probably get your money back as there was a court ruling that says the victim was not liable as he was drugged.

If you have any more tips, please post below. You don’t have to leave your real email address so comments can be totally anonymous.

Looks like they are doing something to rectify the problem. See the post Strip Club Raided

video of club getting raided. Show this to your bank.

Can also look on Polish Scams too.

This comment too,

Hi somebody and everybody,

A version of this TVN Poland produced documentry is available here:,157,m/superwizjer-tvn-journalists-reveal-strip-club-scam-in-poland,919492.html

It was originally broadcast nation wide in Poland on March 16, (13 days ago). I participated in a very small way, becauseI I believe it is an effective first step in making these clubs accountable for the criminal aclivity that they regularily engage in.

The TVN team is very interested in documenting additional experiences of foreign touriists in these clubs for a possible sequel to this programe. In addition, the national media in the UK, Germany and Canada have expressed an interest in this subject, and would welcome contact from victims of their respective countries.

Please e-mail me for more info:


156 thoughts on “Cocomo Club Scam

  1. I am a Slovak citizen that speaks basic polish A1 level (but for slovak person it means I can speak better than A1, but cannot write well – it gets confusing with slovak writing) and had encountered similar scam (or scum? 🙂 ) that you and others are mentioning in the comments.
    I am in process of translating my statement to english, but I wanted to contact you before that.
    Why is my case a bit different and why I look for support somewhere else is, that I think my case is one step further over the imaginary legal/moral line then others and I have some photos and videos (from outside the club though).
    I will begin with the end, ´cause that´s where it breaks to sth bigger.
    when I paid as the rest of the victims via terminal, the lady told me the transaction was unsuccessful so I paid again and checked that it was successful, but the lady again said it did not got through but I opposed her and said I want to see the receipt, which led to calling the guards and taking me out (I went without aggression or fight.).
    When I got outside I´ve met a police car and asked them for help, ´cause I have just been scammed, but they left and ignored me (I have a photo of the car with registration).
    Then I called 158 (slovak police number that I hoped might work) 4x obviously without success. So I called the only number that I know should help you anytime – I called 112 (sth like 911 for europe). They told me to wait for someone to come to the address of the club. Meanwhile one of the ladies working in the club went out and spit on me. I shoot a video when she was talking to the guard (Lukas was his name as I found out laters.) and I informed them that I am shooting just their legs, and the guy told me I can shoot whatever I want so I did (I have video with this proclamation).
    Then some man came and I thought he is there to solve my case (it was like 15 minutes after I´ve called 112) so I came to them and asked but the guy told me, he does not want me to film him, so I said that the guard allowed me to do it, but he opposed that he does not work there. When I asked him whether he is from police, he hit me several times (I have video of him hitting me, though there are no punches visible, it is obvious that someone is hitting the holder of the camera pretty hard.)
    After that he tried to leave so (as some kind of reflex) I went to shoot his registration plate on the car and that was the moment when he attacked me fully saying “Pojdz ty kurwo” (come on you whore / mothefucker) and was kicking and beating me on the ground (I am still holding the camera) till one of the ongoers did not stood up for me. I have a video where the guard is asking the witness what he has seen and the guy replies: “You know, I am human, and it is humane to…, you know, I am human.”
    I called 112 for another 18 times ´cause I did not know whether I do not have internal bleeding or something else (guy 2x my size was kicking me on the ground so anything could be damaged). I seemed to do not tell the guy how serious the situation is cause my polish is not that elaborate so I just said: “Nothing happed, but I cannot tell you (I was still in front of the club) and I need someone who speaks english. As a european citizen I need help, I am lost and got beaten and I need help.”
    At the end the guy at the SOS line told me that no one is coming to help me (though before at least 15 times he told me somebody is coming) and that I should go to hospital myself If I feel like it (operator´s name / number was 61 or 63).
    I do not know to do but as a senior hitch-hiker (over 250 000 km travelled this way) and a hardened tourist I always rely on SOS number when things go wrong. This was the only time I was rejected help and I think this is not just about money, but the guy could hurt me seriously without me knowing it and the 112 did not want to come. I am quite sure that I was witness of corruption on several basic state services (police and SOS number.).
    I was so scared that I did not want to go to hospital in poland and went to Slovak hospital when I came back. I could not trust Polish institutions after this. I am writting to several medias right now and contacting institute for human rights and want to know what I can do.
    I´ve unofficially talked to different people (some slovak policeman and journalists) and most of them think this is work of Albanian mafia in Poland. I am a bit scared to sue them and do not know what to do to keep at least SOS number out of mafia reach.

  2. Got ripped off at Lust in Katowice. When I checked the transactions I saw that they got from me 2500 and 3900 zlotis. First they make you drunk as fuck, then they ask you to buy some drinks for the lady who’s taking care of you. But of course they never drink. They try to avoid showing you the pos machine and ask for your pin. Since you’re drunk as fuck, after a few attempts you enter your pin without noticing the amount. They will even threaten you to take your liver, just like they asked me. Pay or bad stuff will happen, like that.

  3. Fake accounts are trying to rate up those places on Google. Check the reviews for “Wild Orchid Gdansk” , which is one of the most dangerous places in Gdansk. Those reviews can not be true. Please share your thoughts in Google reviews about all those shit hole places, so that chances of scammed tourists will be reduced and scammer ass holes will get on court for their behavior. @Poitr Neska: no matter what, you will end up in jail soon!

  4. I’ve just returned from Gdansk, we went to a strippers there and got completely scammed! DONT go to any strip clubs there. They are all run by gangs, better off enjoying your money on drink in a nice bar and going to strippers in a your home country. I was asked to pay 300euro for talking to one of the girls, when I didn’t pay i went to leave the building and luckily got out the door after been pepper strayed in the eyes. My friend woke up the follow morning with over 1500euro taken from his account. Simple story, don’t go in there so they’ll eventually lose any business and close down!

  5. We also went to Glamour striptease club. They tried to steal 2500 euros from my account.
    My friend was so drunk. He went a private room with lady. When I noticed they tried to steal my money, I said to my friend there is a problem and we need to get out quickly. Then the lady came and asked me take money from bank automat upstairs. We went upstairs, my friend came after me and I said he needs to get out his other friend. I run out, walked to main road and stayed waiting for my friends. I waited some while and they came back. My friend check his account and he lost 1500 euros.
    We couldn’t go to private room to pick him up because I didn’t know if there is a guard or not. The club was in cellar which meant I wanted to get the hell out of there.

  6. Yesterday US embasy gave warning about polish vipclubs.
    You need do make this case louder and more heard. When others embassys like UK, German, Australia, New Zeland, France will give the same warning that will amke polish politicans aware of problem, and presure them to do something.

    • All foriners who have been scamed in Poland go go clubs please contact Your Embassy in Poland.
      Yesterday US embasy gave warning about polish vipclubs.
      You need do make this case louder and more heard. When others embassys like UK, German, Australia, New Zeland, France will give the same warning that will amke polish politicans aware of problem, and presure them to do something.

      All scamed victim have been drugged by GBL or GBH this is called “rape pill” used before to rape womens.
      GBL and GBH after 8-10 hours dissaper from blod and urine.

      Police will keep off You from doing examination, Ask them for Yourself or do it as fast as possible.
      If no there will be no evidence and that scam will go for years.

  7. I got scammed a few days ago (early morning of July 11, 2019).
    I was in warsaw for a day, was invited to a club on Foksal street, I believe it was called Dopamina (in my bank transaction it stated Golden Moon/Golden Apricot). I believe I was drugged, don’t remember how I was charged with big amounts.
    Left the club early in the morning, don’t know how I got back to my apartment, remembering packing my stuff and heading to the airport for my early flight back home. Realized the transactions once I arrived back home.

    I was scammed 3 times ($710.68, $713.15, $270.55)

    I contacted the bank, explained the situation, they claimed fraud, but for the result I need to wait between 45 – 120 days.

    I don’t know what to do next, i’m in Ukraine already, i’ve read so many reviews and truly saying, I was in shock that this is normal and so many people have suffered.

    Maybe someone can help, what should I do next in order make sure the I get my money returned?
    Do I need to go back to warsaw and file a report to the police? or this will not help at all.

    What are usually the outcomes of this type of situation?

    thanks for your time, hope someone can help.

    • GBL and GBH is the only drug on the market, can cause that.
      This is perfect scam. After 8-10 hours it dissaper from Your blood and urine.
      Polisch police will not help You they will keep You till Your blood is clear and then send You for blood and urine test.
      Contact Your embassy, they need to make official warning about Polish go go, vip clubs.

  8. Ripped off in Wroclaw this week, probably drug in the shots they were offering me all the time. Movement Pro is the name that appears in the card expenses. Movement Pro has a plate with their name on the Market Platz square as if they were an honest business!! And the police and the government do nothing to prevent these criminals from behaving as they do? I made a claim with the police (wonderful people, I have to say, ashamed that these things can even happen in their city). Asked my bank to make a fraude claim, not sure that it helps, the police officers were skeptical. Would it be wise to have a lawyer suing them?

    • Contact Your embassy, they need to make official warning about Polish go go, vip clubs.

      Yesterday US embasy gave official warning about polish vipclubs.
      You need do make this case louder and more heard. When others embassys like UK, German, Australia, New Zeland, France will give the same warning that will amke polish politicans aware of problem, and presure them to do something.

  9. Two weeks a go i traveled to Gdansk because i had an appointment with dental clinic to fix my teeth it cheaper than the country i live. I arrived two days early before my appointment to visit the city and to have fun. The day that i arrived i was in bar (Normal bar) had fun. The problem started while i was going to my hotel, a girl who was in the street invited me with free fee to obsession club. I drank vodka and they forced me to free shots after that i dint remember all what happened to me but i found myself in private room. They have taken 6 transaction as reservation at total 11000 PLN. In Scandinavian country if you drank (ful) they refuse to enter bar, disco what ever else. But in Gadand they bring you from street and making drunk and robed overcharged …..

    • Be AWARE of Wild Orchid Gdansk. They trick People to come in, drug them and steal from them. How can we stop them?

      • ‘Trick you to come in’? Like put a banana peel on your way so that you land on their doorway? 😉 No, they don’t ‘trick you’. You trick yourself by believing that a business that puts a squadron of umbrella girls to pick out single guys from the crowd AND OFFERS FREEBIES being a strip club is something totally normal.

        Get real. All strip clubs make revenue on ridiculously overpriced alcohol, if you are offered alcohol for free AND you can look at the ladies, something smells.

        I’m not saying that it’s your fault of course, but THINK before you act. All the people I know who got scammed in those places were friends from abroad who visited in business and let themselves loose, wanted some ‘fun’ away from their girlfriends. I.e. they lowered their guards and were oblivious for obvious cues that something’s not right.

        How can you stop them? Flag the sh*t out of them on TripAdvisor and wherever else you can, make it ZERO rank so that noone ever even thinks of stepping a foot in those places.

  10. Never go to Wild Orchid in Gdansk. They will scam you for sure. My friend has lost thousands of britsh pounds at this place. The hookers in the beautiful old town will invite you for a free drink so you think it might be worth to take a look and at the next morning you will remember nothing at all.
    Stay away of wild orchid in Gdansk.
    As we found out from researches it is companys called “cafe aperitif” and “income invest”.
    See this interesting news:,149,m/oszustwa-w-klubach-go-go-fabryka-do-okradania-ludzi,918858.html (translate the text via google)

  11. I think I was scammed and maybe drugged (unsure about the drugging tho) but because of how they did it I think I shouldn’t have reported it as fraud and doubt I’ll get my money back.
    This was at night Klub passion Wroclaw its on the list above
    They took me to their own ATM in the club to get money and we’ll I don’t remember receiving the first amount of money that actually managed to be taken out of my account I tried a few more times but luckily my bank didn’t let these go through but my problem is that I don’t remember actually receiving the first withdrawal

  12. Here’s MY SUGGESTION:


    2) STEP #2: KEEP YOUR NORMAL EVERYDAY CARD (along with Passport and all identification except 1 form of ID) IN A HOTEL SAFE. So, leaving the Hotel Room you got the FUN Card and 1 piece of ID with your name on it (not drivers license just find something with your name and address on it that can be easily replaced in event of loss).

    3) STEP #3: BUY A GHB DETECTION KIT from Amazon prior to departing for any Eastern European Nation (Ukraine , Bulgaria, Romania, Russia , Latvia (Stay out of Riga !!!!) are just as Bad !).

    4) STEP #4: Test the GHB Detection Kit Card with a drop of alcohol from the drink PRIOR TO TAKING A SIP. Wait about 2 minutes. If the Card turns Blue, take a video using your Iphone for Evidence Purposes when filing with Police.

    5) STEP #5: Tell the crooked Waitress that you demand a refund for tainting my drink else I leave the Club with the Video Evidence. Threaten to “Call the Cops!” ASAP ! If the Manager or Waitress refunds your money, get the Receipt to eliminate any disputes with your bank ! Try to videotape the incident inside the Club but I suspect the Bouncer will try to manhandle you by now. If possible, take a specimen bottle to pour the drink into the bottle for evidence purposes. Once the Staff see that you are serious, demand a RANSOM IN CASH (Say, 1000 PLN) to surrender the video and specimen bottle in return for the money. If you feel that you can take on the Bouncer (i.e. Chuck Norris) then go for it !!!

    6) STEP #6: Leave the Club………..immediately. No tip. No nothing. Just scram from the Club.

    7) STEP #7: Give the video to the local Police Dept. when filing a Complaint as this is a Criminal Offence of “CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT AN INDICTABLE OFFENCE – ADMINISTERING A NOXIOUS SUBSTANCE”. Police can revoke their Liquor License !!!

    8) STEP #8: With the video evidence, visit an English-speaking Civil Lawyer practising Law in Poland to consider filing a Small Claims Court action against the Club. Remember, you got the Video + Refund of Receipt BUT you have suffered emotional trauma from the attempt on your life ! Try to collect a group of victims to launch a Class-Action Lawsuit against the Club and its Directors. Sue for Emotional Distress, Loss of Enjoyment etc. etc.

    9) STEP #9: Assuming you return back to the Hotel Room safely, immediately change your PIN on your FUN Card to prevent the Uber cabby or the crooked Pollock Taxi Driver from skimming your debit card !

    In conclusion, YOU limit your Risk to the Maximum allotted on your FUN Card, your Iphone (always keep it locked to prevent access) and risk only losing 1 piece of ID in event you black out.

    Stay out of Riga, Latvia !!! Russian Mob control the Bars. The Locals HATE Foreign Men because their were a bunch of rapes back in 2008-2009 so the Locals decided to gang up on all the UK drunks and Muslim rapists that would fly in on the cheap Ryanair flights to wreak havoc on them.

    Think about the Club’s Alcohol Offer: 49 PLN for all-you-can-drink ? They have overhead expenses to cover.

    This offer was TOO-GOOD-TO-BE-TRUE !!!

  13. Men, please stay away from any GO GO clubs in Poland and maybe elsewhere. People are going missing from this places, if you were robbed, be lucky that’s only money, not your lives! But if you have to don’t bring any credit cards, take cash only, and not in large amounts. Keep your eye for bartender when he pours you a drink, don’t let your drink out of sight, always bring people you trust, so that one of you don’t drink anything from there at all. Even water can be contaminated with rape pills!

    • Yesterday US embasy gave warning about polish vipclubs.
      You need do make this case louder and more heard. When others embassys like UK, German, Australia, New Zeland, France will give the same warning that will amke polish politicans aware of problem, and presure them to do something.

  14. I had been in the former Cocomo in Katowice, now called Lust. Nothing very bad happened to me.
    However: for one drink, the lady wanted me to put my signature on the receipt, just like you do after paying with credit card with no PIN, even though it was a normal debit card (‘because I didn’t enter the PIN’). For another drink, they insisted I stick the card in the POS terminal and NOT use the contactless payment, because ‘there is no wifi’.
    Why would they collect my signature and insist on not using contactless? Did the innocent terminal actually include a cloning device? (google ‘prilex cloning’ if you think I’m exaggerating).
    I agreed to all of this because it was my first (and last) time there and I was afraid of causing any trouble. And I wanted to do what I came there to do. However I blocked my card right the next day.

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