Cocomo Club Scam

There is a scam in Poland where men are drugged and robbed at strip clubs.  It happened to me in 2014 and its still going on today.

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If you have been scammed, there appears little you can do. First thing is try going to the police. More than likely they will not be interested but they might help.

Next thing is to contact your bank. If you have paid by credit card, file a fraudulent claim. in the UK anyway, there is something called joint liability so the credit card company are liable too for the debt. I don’t know the exact law but a solicitor or citizens advice will be able to help if the credit company try fob you off.

If you paid by debit card, you may be out of luck. Its much harder to get money back from a debit card. I think the best you can do there is argue is was stolen and point to the other people that have been ripped off. If the transactions were chip and pin you will find it really hard to dispute.

If you are in Norway, you can probably get your money back as there was a court ruling that says the victim was not liable as he was drugged.

If you have any more tips, please post below. You don’t have to leave your real email address so comments can be totally anonymous.

Looks like they are doing something to rectify the problem. See the post Strip Club Raided

video of club getting raided. Show this to your bank.

Can also look on Polish Scams too.


105 thoughts on “Cocomo Club Scam

  1. I recently went to DOPAMINA bar to help a friend who had to pay and who did not have enough money. Innocently I took a glass of water because I had already drunk a lot. Ten minutes later I found myself sitting in an armchair making payments. Without opposition. And I was unable to refuse. I made all the requested payments! Why? Even if I’m drunk, I’ll never realize that. Incredible, I had been drugged !! I woke up abandoned in a public space full of blows. Back home I realized that this fucking Club had stolen 3,500 € I complained to the police and with it went to file a complaint for fraud in the bank. The bank refused my file. I had big family problems (woman and child) because of that. I often have nightmares about this awful evening. Please never go to this club DOPAMINA bar EVER !! You are drugged by a well organized and ruthless criminal gang. I did blood and urine tests 3 days later but there was nothing left. After some research I think that scopolamine or GHB has been used. With this drug you do whatever you are asked. Avoid these night clubs.

  2. I have been advised that it would be possible to file a class action lawsuit against these places, but we must organize together, serving as witnesses for each other. Therefore I’ve created a website for one club and am happy to create websites for each club. You can contact me at

    In addition, I’m working with a polish translator and some journalists to show the damage that this does to the tourist industry in Poland as I’m sure people here would rather this cash was going to fund legitimate businesses instead of the polish mafia.

  3. You think the girls are scamming men? Think again. The girls are being scammed too. Sometimes they can make a lot of money in a short amount of time and I think that’s convincing them to stay but usually… They get beaten by clients (the bodyguards are just decoration, never seen them doing anything other than sleeping, drinking or playing on their phones) and they don’t get a wage, they only get <50% of the money clients spend on drinks and dances. And if the club doesn't make enough money the dancers, the waitresses and the manager all get high cash penalties (that's why they get so fussy and desperate for clients to spend money). That's why I cringe when I see people here calling those girls hookers or other names, that's just counter-productive, better get angry at the f*cker at the top who's behind this whole operation

  4. My idea of how it works mind seem very very far fetched but once you will read this you will probably agree. I have done a lot of research about the whole scam because i also was a victim and still till this day I want to be able to sue the owner (can be done collectically as well) and I am going to do it for a very, very big amount.

    On each of the clubs outside there is a sign with very small print. The adres and big name on the front I don’t give a damn about. I am more into the little: AWRYŁA INVESTMENT SP ZOO prints and that kind of stupid limited liability holding companies any person with google can order. (this can be done by using a company formation website). You put all 3 required persons on the board (director, secretary, etc. on random notaries using the nominee feature and all other things to hide your anonymity. To go to the ultimate extend, you could just have a bitcoin acount somewhere, cash it out via localbitcoins to a PayPal account you made and verified with a false passport scan or even a mule. Then you make the lets say one investment company network hierarchy which one owns the others in a company and sister company HOLDING structure.

    Now, this is of course how it goes all the way ultimately to the stupid Event company that hires underaged (and can do so legally) to promote events, venues, bars. Starting to get it? Didn’t one of you guys notice that in EVERY ‘’party hostel’’ and hotels for young people the PUBCRAWL is advertised everywhere? Then you can hire the 16 year olds to walk up to tourists and locals to lure them into the scam chain of clubs. Because… they are all drunk as hell and much more likely to go a stripclub (for the first time) Nothing illegal about it, because once the moment you go trough the door of the strip club, you are in the club and thus into whatever investment company bullcrap establishment of them. This company can have new company activities as per the chamber of commerce rules in Poland and actually every country.

    Here the new company has the right to have hostesses trying to get you drunk and make you pay high bills. However now comes the interesting part: of course you can never prove that they drugged you and I get into that in the next section.

    Why you can never prove that you got drugged, hence cannot win your court case (because you’re going to be laughed of as being to be drunk, which was very true, but on a whole different scale….)

    It’s all in the shot you get straight at the beginning, remember the CHERRY SHOT you got, that little thing you popped within like 5 sec as you enter? Straight after you order a beer, a cocktail or whatever you want after.

    In the shot is the drugs called scopolamine or BURUNDANGA. How do I know this… Google it and you will now it already. Why would you ever give a girl, especially in a dodgy eastern stripclub like these places your PIN? I always pay cash even if I have my card with me (stupid mistake) but in my case, I gave her the card AND EVEN THE PIN NUMBER, which in no flying fucking way I would ever, ever, ever do, just never. I have been at gunpoint once in Cambodia and I even didn’t do it and eventually got of with a few punches and he tried some random code 3 times, machine got card, no problem. (Ghehe it was a maestro debit so he can’t do anything with it, thing doesn’t even have 16 digits, cvv code etc.)

    In the cherry shot is burundanga, the drugged state that you’re in takes about as long as until you wake up again and guess what, no traces in your system AT ALL. So, even if you wake up and go straight to a hospital for a blood check, they won’t see it, thus you can never ever prove that you got drugged, perfect for this whole scam, for the owners that is.

    The Burundanga is mixed with cherries (i won’t exactly know 100% how, can be drained into them even in my guess) because cherries are the fruit on this entire planet that gets you the MOST DRUNK if guess what o what, the cheapest fucking alcohol ever… vodka is soaked into them. Now this is why even if you are the biggest, strongest guy on the planet, even if you are Shoenice from Youtube, (check out to have a laugh and see what I mean) you WILL GET KNOCKED OUT AS HELL. The super combination of this super strong little shot you got (probably so very good concentrated, i don’t even want to think about it) with anything you will instantly feel super happy, being aroused by all the womanly entertainment going all. Even without the burundanga, you will probably order some things from the menu.

    Then you get overpriced with the extra zero on the bill by the evil witches, probably very trained and imported from poor countries which is in fact, not by the rules. Because…. you cannot have a second pricing system by law. You cannot say this costs x now and y when your drunk and z when you are very drunk.

    As you can see…. nothing us victims can do, absolutely nothing. Even not when you go in with a hidden camera. Because you don’t get to see the cherry mixture behind the bar, or a backroom where its prepared before it goes to the bar. All the behavior then, even with the hidden cam of yourselves getting very out of hand wouldn’t be proof, of anything. Because, hey, hey, you all do it yourself, we can see it on the camera footage. And now if you would do this, the owners of this shit hole or shitpole of a business will sue YOU for actually going in with a hidden camera to a stripclub.

    It is all so well arranged, boys and girls that went in here, I know how we all feel but I am literally able to wait for days on a solution to know where the burundanga comes from and more specifically: how it gets to the establishments, of course it gets in with supplies somewhere in the truck that supplies the business from time to time or it wouldn’t even sound weird to me that these gangsters take zero risk at all and let the junky stripper, no-one-would believe-or-care-about girls bring it to the establishment.

    Ofcourse you could just raid the place from time to time as police and find something, but then just that place gets closed down in the worst case for the owners, or the owner gives the fault to one of the strippergirls or waitresses anyhow. The way I see it, how it could be proved is only for me to go in with a hidden cam, take the shot, IMMEDIATELY GO TO THE TOILET and just perform a self blood test and keep the result very carefully in my pocket. I will say i got very sick by it, they didn’t waste anytime on me yet so they probably let me go outside. I will have to be a second person though that puts his own cherry shot on a glass table, orders a beer, and be something like I don’t like shots or whatever to take me outside because I have no control over anything, the people working there can do anything if i try to go out solo to NOT make me go outside as i will willingly return back.

    How I got into the burundanga thing is actually because one of the bouncers being a bit to talkative. I walked by one and he asked if I wanted to come in (this is a week after I got scammed by a different establishment) and asked me where I was from. I sad Amsterdam and he instantly asked if i smoked marihauna etc. I said I did back in the days and he instantly replied all laughingly with: let’s smoke something together, I have. I said where? (no intentions at all) He replied with: inside of course. Well, there won’t be marihauna in the joint he will have for me, it will be the evilest drugs on the planet (it can be smoked) and the usual scam starts again.

    This has to stop, there are 55,000 victims atl east according to my research and there’s probably way more. These are tourists, sometimes only 18 years old, that never been to a stripclub, that got lured in on the most evil way by 16 year old pretty and outgoing teenagers that in some cases don’t even know what or who they are working for in the first place, getting cleared by their entire travel budget or life savings. Can you imagine 55,000 with let’s say 1000 USD average loss, how much money these gangsters make?

    This is about my story and thoughts about this for now, thanks for reading, if someone has suggestions or comments let me know.

    PS. Why I know all the company structure things and how you can use this is because I willingly did things similar things in the past but for tax, employment and asset management reasons and not for anything criminal.

    • You went a little overboard with the “cherry mixture” stuff, it’s just wiśniówka, brand Soplica, from a bottle, not a backroom. I don’t think they drug people anymore, because the police now visits the clubs regularly and unannounced and does random tests on the alcohol. They do get you shitface drunk with free shots and by adding vodka to your beer. As a waitress, they teach you how to tell a client the price of a 3k – 20k champagne bottle so that the client doesn’t hear it properly but it’s clearly heard on the in-club wiretaps.

    • Is There anyone is willing to play with them their game?
      Something should be done. I am based in Warsaw. I did some research, I have time.

      I am based in Wasaw / Krakow.

  5. Hi I recently posted my ordeal on here last month. I contacted the British Embassy in Poland and this was their response. I will be sending them the link to this site in response I suggest you all do the same maybe we can stop this happening…

    Dear Mr ….

    Thank you for your e-mail with regards to the outrageous incident you experienced in Gdansk.

    Despite the fact, that you have not succeeded in reporting the assault and the robbery to the local police in Gdansk, we strongly advise you to contact the police again, regarding that matter. The British Embassy in Warsaw as a third party is not in a position to report incidents/assaults on behalf of British nationals. All reports should be made in person. Since you are back in the UK, you may consider seeking legal assistance from an English-speaking lawyer in Poland, who will advise you accordingly. Please refer to the link: .

    We would like to inform you that the Polish police do not employ interpreters. The Police work on a cold list of interpreters. They arrange an interpreter when available, usually the same day or the next one the latest. Taking into consideration your very short stay in Gdansk, the police could have not been able to do so.

    Should you wish to raise an official complaint on the police behaviour please send it to the following address: (Police Complaint Unit)

    Komenda Miejska Policji w Gdańsku (Municipal Police)
    ul. Nowe Ogrody 27
    80-803 Gdańsk
    tel.: +48 58 321 62 22
    fax: +48 58 321 63 19, +48 58 321-63-31

    We would be grateful if you could provide us with a name of the club you visited where you were assaulted and robbed. Once we receive detailed information from you, we will be able to contact Gdansk police and make them aware of the incident.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

    Consular Section

    British Embassy Warsaw | ul. Kawalerii 12 | 00-468 Warsaw | Poland |E-mail: |

    images gr8 Join us on and fb-ukinpoland cid:image001.jpg@01D1ECBD.D9C47500

    P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.

  6. This happend to two of us from the U.K. this weekend 17 Nov
    I had read all the reviews already and had decided to give the strip clubs a wide birth. When we arrived we were hassled by the workers outside but we told them no chance had a steady few beers in gdansk then decided to go to sopot to see if it was any more busy went into a bar the local bar staff were non too friendly and seemed to be laughing at us. After we left this bar is when it all went very hazy I feel it is quite proberble we were spiked in this bar with ghb outside we were fucked and I feel led into the strip bar by the worker staff.
    We were split up and sat away from each other and I remember various people hassling me to buy drinks I was totally out of it and remember seeing an unconscious man across from me with his top of but it did not register I did not seem to care then I blacked out. The next thing I remember is being punched and kicked outside by a polish thug with a mask on I was not in a position to defend myself he kept hitting and kicking me…. I fast came to my senses as I realised I was I grave danger I managed to get away got back to my hotel all the cash was gone from my wallet. I didn’t take any cards out with me so I was lucky just a bit battered and bruised. My friend arrived back with a black eye and his arm broken in 3 places. Avoid this place like the fucking plague there all in on it don’t think your safe if you avoid the strip clubs as I recon we were done in a bar and led there. I just thankful we got home alive if we had fallen asleep outside in that cold we prob wouldn’t have woken up or could easily have ended up in the river

  7. I had a very similar, but more violent experience in Sopot 7th of November. Was on a trip with work travelling from Norway.

    I was leaving a pub going over to meet some colleagues at Underground Club in Sopot. I was not much affected of the alcohol consumed at the pub. Some advertisers for the strip club gave me a card for a free entry and a free beer. Went inside and received the beer. One of the employees/dancers came onto me and asked if I could buy her a drink. I remember we agreed on the price for the drink and that I voluntarily paid for it. In all honest I paid for a lap-dance in a private room. From there on I only have flashes of memory.

    Woke up with several people shouting that I owned them money for beverages. They started threatening and held me in the room against my will. I started vomiting in an ice bucket in the room. My head got instantly more clear. They served me a glass of water. After more physical threats I paid for the beverages and was desperate to get out. Shortly after they stated I owned them more money. Next thing I remember is waking several times more; once in the bathroom and once in front of an ATM inside of the club. They pressed me for more money and the threats were becoming more violent. Once I started entering the pin wrongly several times, one of the employees went to get a bouncer to execute the threats. I saw that one of the other employees drew a curtain across a door to hide the exit. Managed to diverse the last persons holding me and ran for the exit.

    Next thing I remember is standing outside the hotel. I immediately called a colleague to explain the situation. Afterwards I went to the reception and tried to explain what I did experience. They just shrugged their shoulders and said: “These things happen”.

    I tried to report this to the police the day after, but they also trivialized the situation.
    Around 18,000 PLN was withdrawn from both my bank account and credit card.

    Several days after I tried to find out how long I had been there. Tracking the last call before I entered the strip club till the call to the colleague after I managed to get away, there was a time gap of 7 hours.

    Could not sleep for over 5 days after this experience and vomited after every meal several days after due to the state of shock. Got a doctors appointment to run some tests to see if there were any drugs left in the system.

    Most of the details above were flashbacks/memories popping up several days after I came back to Norway. Could honestly not remember anything more than entering the strip club at first.

    Reported the horrific experience to the police when I came back home and ran cases to both the bank and the credit card company. Now pending their decision.

    Hope this can help anyone deciding whether to go to this club or not.

  8. Hi all, does someone has a template to report such a scammer club to the tax office? I never got any receipt for this “services” and I don’t belief they are paying taxes correctly. So why not put them some pressure on?

  9. I’m Polish. It was quite loud few years ago about these clubs all over Poland.. There are no polish man in these type of clubs at all.. Only foreign guys, trying to fuck “lady” for 60pounds…
    My advise: if you want to fuck a nice girl FOR FREE, go to normal disco, not to go-go clubs.
    I’ve read all your stories.. Can’t believe you’ve been so naïve.. One of these clubs owner drives GOLD Ferrarri…
    In example I would never go to that kind of pubs in Poland or other countries.. This is happening not only here- Germany, UK, France…everywhere!!

  10. Few weeks ago at the weekend went to Obsession and lost 8k€ there. I do not remember anything after the dancer quit and came closer to me with a shot. I drink that and after that she started to dance and take my clothes off etc. Thats all what i remember before they are asking my pin over and over again. I put my pin and lost money. I do not remember so i have to ask that do they fuck with customers there or in similar kind of places like Cocomo etc.?

    Now im trying to solve this with my bank. Thank you for answering back soon.

    • Exactly the same happens to me this weekend, after the first shots I don’t remember anything, just some little flashes! Did you fix your problem with the banks?

  11. Hey,

    Sth. similar happened to me in Villnius one month ago. I had one drink in a Strip club, and after that I can’t remember anything. My debit card was used like 10 times, and my credit card 4 times, altogether I lost 1200€ .

    Left my drink unattended for 2 Minutes to go to the toilet, maybe that was my big mistake 😦

    Is there any other person, who experienced something like this in Lithuania?

  12. I was in playhouse club , a taxi driver in the entrance of the club offered to take me back to my hotel.While driving he said he knows great place for massage , it was in Felińskiego 8, Warszawa.

    When arrived staff there asked to pay by credit card for 455 PLN , I paid it using their credit card machine, once returned back to hotel I discovered they stolen 11,000 PLN

  13. This is straight up fraud and there is no reason the credit card companies should not be flagging these transactions unless you are a rich hedge fund manager! It will take money and lawyers to win the battle, sadly. It is an effort that will take collaboration and time. If you are interested in fighting this email me and let’s coordinate.

    • Agree! We should collect as much cases as possible and gather information about the way they pull this of. When banks are not held at least partly liable for the fraud, nothing will change!

      • These clubs are literally keeping you their until your account is dry. I doubt you can leave if you wanted to. We are drugged and held against any conscious will. It is basically kidnapping and the credit card companies should have a fiduciary duty to recognize a distressed situation, especially if this is so outside your spending habits it is ridiculous. We were robbed because of their failure to act. The least they are going to do is reverse the charges. If they don’t I will also seek damages.

  14. Hello,
    I’m from Holland and visited Gdanks last month.

    It happened to me in Gdansk on the night of 16 and 17 August.

    Total blackout after drinking a shot.

    Both credit card and debit card maxed out for a total of EUR 6000 within 90 minutes.

    My question: has anybody had any success in claiming the fraud with their banks? My bank says it’s my own fault and won’t pay anything.

    I think it is criminal that they still do business with these clubs and accuse us of being negligent.

    I just wish we could do something about this together.

    You can contact me at wimsmit at gmail dot com

    Kind regards,


      • Credit Card transactions were refunded, but my the Rabo bank refuses to refund me for the debit card fraudulent transactions.
        Currently, I’m awaiting the result of my official complaint with them and if this is not successful I will seek legal help.
        Did your bank refund you?

    • Hee William,

      Ik ben ook Nederlands en mij is hetzelfde overkomen met mijn normale betaalkaart en weet niks meer?
      Is het gelukt om geld terug te krijgen?


      Rik Verstraeten

      • Hallo Rik en William,

        Ik ben net terug uit Gdansk en mij is hetzelfde gebeurt bij obsession.
        Voor zover ik kan inschatten ben ik 3-4k€ kwijt.

        Ik ben om 2u uit een andere bar weggegaan en daar verzeild geraakt.
        Ik kan me weinig anders herinneren dan om 9u in een tram te zitten…

        Hebben jullie nog enig succes gehad met het terug claimen van het geld?

      • Hi Rik,

        Alles teruggekregen van mijn Rabo credit card, maar niets van mijn Rabo pinpas. Ben echter nog niet klaar met ze. Klacht bij Kifid loopt en daarna kan ik nog mijn rechtsbijstand gaan activeren.

        Jij nog succes gehad met claimen?

        Mvg, William

    • Hi,

      Im from the UK and had around £8000 taken from my credit debit from club touch in Poznan back in 2015.

      I got the money back from the credit card quickly but the debit card took a couple of months , after a couple of calls to and from the bank they could see the amounts( £600) drawn where abnormal and in rapid succession and told me its not the first time they have came across this type of case in Poland.

      Im sure your bank will have had the same dealings, I would go back to the bank and press them hard.

      Now the Bank calls me immediately if there is any unusual transactions which they did not do when this happend which was one of my arguing points .

      Good luck.

  15. Candy club, Wroclaw, a few weeks ago. Woke up in a cell, police said they found me sleeping somewhere. All my money gone (at least 2,000 zl cash), shoes gone, pants ruined, id stolen, bruises allover, huge headache. Happy I’m alive. Fuck this country. I’m sure the police knows precisely what’s going on in these venues, it’s corruption. A shame for the European union. Never had nor heard of such problems in Germany or UK.

    • Me and my friends happened the same last weekend in Candy Club. My friend woke up in a Cell too without his phone,but he still had his money. My other friend lost in the Club about 1700€ via his credit cards.. and i woke up at another hotel without my wallet and my mobile phone. Next day i went to the club.. they gave me and my friend our mobile phones back Bit my wallet was still lost.. after i drank one or two of the free shots in the private room i cant remember anything and they took 500€ from my card without my agreement. I payed about 200€ for two private dances but after that i cant remember. They work there with KO-drops.
      Is there any way to get my money back? I paid them with my PIN but i would never buy something for 1829 zloty in one payment.
      Me and my friends are from germany

  16. This happened to me on september 3rd. We went into a club on Foksal in Warscha, just thought we take a few drinks from the 49 sl ‘unlimeted’ drinks offer and then leave.
    After the first shot the group started breaking up, some walked out very angry but i just sat there and couldn’t leave. I was with two others but i somehow got separeted from the group. After this i don’t remember much, When i woke up the next day my debit and credit card were charged for about 1300 euro.
    Somehow they got me to pay for drinks with my cards and told me they were declined and got me to try and try over. First two charges on the credit card were declined because of probable froud, but the 3rd and 4th went through. The credit card company is now investigating.
    Feel like setting the whole of Poland on fire for doing this to us!

  17. I was scammed also 25.8.2017.
    Remember drinking couple drinks and after that it IS pitch Black..
    I woke up from unfamiliar hotel lobby and found out that my cash and phone was taken.
    So i panicked and asked to call taxi for me to get My hotel and I was so hurry that did not understand to check The hotel name where i woke up.

    My friend tried to call me at 5:00 and he Said i answered but quickly after that The conversation was terminated and then my phone was turned off.

    We were in club Obsession.
    Does anyone know how to contact them because i would really like to get My phone Back.
    Or does anyone know where to ask My phone?
    I am not so much interested about My scammed money because it was only total 1000€ from My debit and credit card.

    And I would like to hear If someone else were taken to hotel so what hotel it was?

    You can contact me

    Thänks in advance and sorry for all who has touched by this filthy cowardly scam.

    I would love to see that place burn (and those whiny ass bitches inside)

  18. It happen to me in Krakow.Mi two master cards wear clean 30,000CDN in two hours.
    I went to police,but they ignore me.I never got mi money buck.This clubs are in every meager city in Poland.
    It is corporation.Go-Go clubs are McDonald of Poland.In Poland it is thust a business.
    Banks and credit cards are scammers.cwtn?How it is possible that banks allow this Go-Go clubs charge
    credit cards for so long?

    • Hey, sorry to hear that (
      I was in Warsaw and I was in a bar and a girl invited me to go to a “club” where I don’t remember much of what happened after that. I was charged over 15,000 CAD. Have been going to the police to file reports, but Scotiabank says I’m responsible for those charges since I used a pin number to make them. Wondering if you disputed this with your bank and if you were also to get that cleared?


      • This kind of robbery happened to me too.
        They got „only” 8,000 CAD, cleaning out my VISA account,
        long after I left the shithole.
        Am still fighting scotiabank.
        Please contact me if you want to fight this together.
        If this has happened more than once, we can likely prove negligance by the bank.


  19. Just came back from Poland and I was scammed out of $8000 on 3 different cards. My question is, instead of claiming fraud, should I just claim my card was stolen? These clubs shouldn’t have my money just because they had me sign a slip of paper after drugging me.

    • I wouldn’t. They can probably prove you were in the place so will be able to show you are lying. If you only signed it might be easier to dispute. Lots of people paid chip and pin so much harder.

  20. Another story – touch club poznan. Went in and paid about 100 zlotys cash for entrance for two of us. Before long I was in a room with one of the girls, and she was literally pouring vodka drinks down my throat. They said 300 zlotys for the room, I tried to pay with my debit card and – luckily for me- it was declined. I thought this was odd because theres enough money in the account. Anyway 5 minutes later I was outside, with no recollection of how I got there. My friend came out and gave me my shoes, which I had left behind.

    When I called my bank they said it was flagged as a probable fraud at the time, I think they know this company. They tried to put through GBP 750 and GBP 1220. Both were declined at point of sale, luckily for me.

    I’m certain I was spiked too.



      MUST READ !!!!!
      This message is in relation to Johns message (sent 3rd July)

      Hi all,

      My friend John (already made a statement on this page) and I were visiting Poznań and all the clubs, bars and restaurants it had to offer. However, after a brilliant Saturday night out, we thought it was a fantastic idea, of course with little persuasions from the Polish promoters outside the strip club, to go into the strip club for 49zl per person (est GBP 9.50). With this enterence fee, one FREE shot of Vodka was provided. As such, we decided to go in and give it a try. At this point, we were both drunk enough BUT still well aware of what was going on!

      In the club…

      Once we sat down in the strip club, my friend John paid for our entrance fee. Thankfully he paid by cash rather than card. Moments after he paid, a Polish hooker came over and sat between us and started talking about various things. About 5 minutes after conversing, John and I (with the Hooker still in between us) drank our Vodka shots that was free from our enterence fee. After this, more FREE shot were coming to the table. At that time, John and I thought nothing of it. After the four shots, John decided to go into a private room with the hooker at the cost of 300zl (est GBP 70.00). Whilst he was in the private room, two other girls came over to me and started to pour more Vodka shots down my throat whilst one sat on my lap. At that point, I had enough of Alcohol and refused any more. The two hookers asked if I wanted to go to a room. Thankfully I wasn’t in the mood so I said no I was okay. After I said no, one of them said if I could buy her a drink which costs 279zl (est GBP 60.00). I said this was too much for two drinks. This was almost the same price of taking the hooker to a private room. As I said no to the private room and refused to pay 279zl for two drinks, one of the hookers got slightly aggressive and called me Gay. Very homophobic indeed!!! Both hookers left me seated at the table whilst my friend John was having, that I thought, the time of his life. 15 minutes later ….

      When John came out ……

      When John left the private room, he had no shirt on, no belt, no shoes and his socks were almost off he’s feet. He looked a state. He was so drunk, he could barely walk straight. He came over to me with one of the hookers and said he’s card declined. A group of hookers surrounded us and started to get aggressive as Johns card declined in the private room, twice. They tried to get me pay via card but I refused. I thought it would be a good idea to call my Polish friend who happened to be in Poland at the time when John and Iwere there but unfortunately he was in Warsaw not Poznań. However, he strongly advised to call the Police. Once I mentioned this to John, the Polish hookers heard and got so aggressive it was unbelievable. You wouldn’t think it would be intimidating but I can assure you it was. Especially being in a foreign country. 5 minutes after this ruckus, I wasn’t able to find my friend as one of the hookers said he went back into the private room to find he’s shoes. 15 minutes after trying to find him, I found him outside in the middle of Poznań square lying on the floor without a shirt on, shoes and bottoms slightly loose. Somehow I managed to pick him up and carried him to the cab. That entire day, except 1 hour of it, he spent sleeping. HE HAD BEEN POISIONED AND ALMOST ROBBED. Thankfully we both got away with it.


      Anybody who is planning to go to any strip clubs in Poznań, DONT!!!! If you do, ONLY TAKE CASH. A limited amount of it!!! Be careful and stay safe!!!!!

  21. I visited Poznan on 29th July. Drinking in the Old Town visited few beer bars. I was lurred into Extravaganza by a girl with umbrella. They offered me one free drink. Later I had two other drinks while I was chatting with another girl. I remember to spent my cash about 300 zloties but must have been passed out cause they made me use my debit card as well. I think they put something in my drink. So eventually they emptied my account. I lost about £2700. Today I contacted my bank they said they’re going to invastigate but I don’t have much hopes. Avoid that place guys like plague.

  22. Never go to Obsession! Don”t even think about it! Strip clubs in Gdansk are connected with the mafia, and it”s a scam all of it. Went to Obsession, and didn”t read anything about the nightlife in advance. My first mistake! This club have approx. 20 people working in the main walking streets, trying to lure you in to the club, telling you to get cheap drinks and watch beautyful girls dance on stage and the chance of a private dance. In the club the girls are pretty and will give a little public show, but they will try really hard to get you to pay for a private dance in a closed booth. They will then give you a lot of alcohol shots for free, only to make sure you get insane drunk, and then they will come and charge you for an insane amount of money. The “manager” will tell you that they only accept card, and not cash. Should have thought that it was fishy by now, but a naive man, with good experience from other strip clubs in Europe/Baltics, thought “well, guess it”s ok”. It was not! When you then evidentally get tricked to actually push the pin-number of your card, they will try to hide the screen from you, so you can”t see the price. If you actually see it, they will tell you it”s something wrong with the decimals, or that”s the way it”s written in Poland. They multiplied the price with 10. So when I checked my bank account the next day, the withdrew amount was 500 euros, and not 50 euro as planned. They even try to say that your card has been rejected, so that you must enter pin once more. Only to pay that crazy amount even two or three times. When you the next day come to complain, they will say that you had the chance to view the price, and that you are free to pay whatever you”d like, even though it wasn”t what you agreed in first place. The locals say that it”s all rigged with mafia connections, and the police doesn”t do anything about it. What actually have happened is that the police arrest you for drunken disorder, or anything like that, and can detain you for 24 hours. TL;dr; Be smart, stay away! Worst strip club ever! I had to pay a crazy amount of money that I really didn”t have, and I got away lightly. They have hustled a lot people for a lot more money than the 2600 zloty I was hustled for.

  23. Hello,

    I have been scam too, in 2015,11k€…my bank refuse to pay and it s a pity to see so much people scam with impunity… Mafia is working well

    • Lairent, it’s not mafia I suppose – it is just “business”. Just there are no proof but only knowledge that it is crime. Anybody who have idea how to fight this is kindly asked to do everything is only possibile to destroy this enterprise!

  24. I was also a victim of this scam just a day ago. Had a beer at Dopamina and they brought me a shot. That’s about all I remember except for bits and pieces here and there. Felt like dogcrap after the fact. I remember being put into a back room and then the next thing I remember is it was morning when they tried to get me to pull money out of the ATM. Avoid these places like the plague.

    Thankfully my bank and credit cards immediately saw these transactions as suspicious and put blocks on the cards and from other accounts it sounds like I got off relatively easy. Never going back to Warsaw.

    • Anoche mismo mi amigo fue drogado y apartado a una habitacion el no recuerda cuando perdio el.conocimienti. A mi me dijeron que se habia marchado su telefono no daba señal 4 o 5 horas despues desperto solo en una habitacion, esta retenido contra su voluntad por una deuda de 1850 zl que tuve que pagar para conseguir su libertad..

  25. I was at Glamour in Gdanka and I was drugged by a shot and they stole just over £1K. I was forced to stay in the back room and they also stole my phone. I want to report this to the police but think they may not be interested..

  26. I was in Gnaska and was drugged and Glamour stripper club took £1k from my account after a free shot. They also took my mobile phone and was trying to take my cards too.

    • This also happened to a friend of mine. We waited for him while he was in a private room, but he never appeared. After a while they called from our hotel and told me he was there. When we came back he was intoxicated. He stopped breathing and we had to rush hun to the hospital.

      If no one had found him on the street, this could end up badly.

  27. Went to poznan on stag trip, went to touch strip club on Wednesday night. Paid for a drink and got a shot. They made me pay for a drink for a girl, this was around 12 am, next thing I am stood at the counter staring at a point of sale machine with no shoes socks or jeans at 5am with no recollection of anything other than that shot. I came too and said what is going on. They said you fell sleep you must pay for the time I said no I didn’t what is going on, they said must pay i said what for? They said the time you fell sleep! I said no that’s no true you could have woke me up, they said you must pay 2000 zlotes. I said I havnt done anything. My debit card had already been blocked so they was getting angry. I recognised the front door and started gagging as if to be sick on their floor, they panicked and opened door and i ran like hell. Checked bank and two payment already gone for 50 pound and 65 pound. Had Cash in jeans so lost all that, belt jeans socks trainers and had to run to hotel in boxer shorts and bare feet. Called bank they said they tried to take 700 pounds then 300 pounds but bank blocked it and will look into the 100 or so that had already gone through. Feel stupid and scared of what i did or what they did to me in the 4 hours i don’t recall.

  28. I just come back from poznan on a stag do only to find out on Monday that over £4,000 was taken from my card during one night in a club. My bank have been terrific so far and have guaranteed me that my money will be refunded as it is obvious fraud. Large amount like £967 £781 £890 were taken out within a few minutes. Be careful out there

  29. Just returned from Krakow same experience in Pleasure Club last night decided to give in and view the club. Entrance charge was 49 zloty as much drink as you want so thought why not.Paid by debit card.Given few drinks and chatted to few girls next thing sitting outside club,couldn’t walk , local guy had to phone for taxi to get me back to hotel. Made one transaction that night which I thought was for 49 zloty checked my bank account and discovered had made a transaction for 2,600 zloty not as much as some of you guys but still made me sick this obviously is going to continue just pity some other guys who get caught same way!

  30. Son back from Poland 6 months ago to realise scammed out of £11500. Used Barclaycard Visa and despite using a credit card and lodging complaint with Barclaycard and ombudsman is still being held liable for monies due. Do not use cards in Polish Clubs

  31. This is absolutely real. The “girls” are now going out to respectable pubs looking for young professional men travelling alone, slipping something in there drink and leading them to a club. If we can’t go after the clubs, then go after the money. Report the card services provider to your national prosecutors office. They are complicit. Next, contact the local business community telling them you are going to post travel warnings for the entire area.

  32. I was sitting in the strip club in Gdansk (Obsession) when i saw a guy come in and order a drink, 5-10 min later he passed out and was carried by the bouncers into the back room. I guess he lost alot of money that night.

    • In January 2017 i got drugged and scammed for 11 000 euros at club Wild Nights in Krakow. With the help of this website etc, i got around 5000 euros back from my bank. I agreed with the girl to get a quick lapdance for 130zloty. Then she gave me a “free shot”. It all went completely black, and my card was cleaned to zero, approximately 50 000 zloty was taken.

  33. Banks don’t want to know especially if it’s a debit card. In actual fact, you will see exactly what your bank is when it happens. They in effect take the side of these criminal clubs. Oh, and EMV cards are not safe. Just so you know and by the way, the Banks try to cover this fact up too.

  34. I was scammed in Club Obsession in Gdansk last year for a lot of money. They actually spiked my drink. I was subsequently told the reason why they do that is their point of sale terminal (hand held card machines) pre-records the transactions, while remembering all the card details including the pin and then replays them when you are knocked out. They don’t want you waking up and using the card somewhere outside the club, because if you do, you would update the application transaction counter (ATC) value. How or why they are effectively still in business is a complete mystery to me. By using such a scam they are eventually going to do it to someone that will not wake up and only then will something be done about them. Obviously then it will be too late. It destroys Gdansk’s and Poland’s reputation. If the authorities want that, then please carry on letting these criminals away with this activity. There seems to be a lot of people here that were also scammed. I FEEL IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO GROUP TOGETHER AND CREATE A PRESSURE GROUP TO GET THESE CLUBS CLOSED DOWN!

    • Hi, I had the same experience last Friday in the Club Obsession and lost round about 6000€ in 6 transactions from credit card and ec card. Now I try to get back the money and went to the police in Germany.

  35. Hi, same experience in Princess Klub Wroclaw (in january 2016) in Wroclaw, they stole me 3800 €, since I am in dispute with my bank but they do not want to refund me because according to them it’s my fault, they invoke “serious negligence” of my part… I will continue to fight with them. (I’m from Paris, France).

    • Klub fever in Wroclaw, went in there on my own remeber buying first drink cash then she bring card machine and says they prefer card, remember buying 2 drinks on card then having a dance and being forced to drink shots. Wake up in hotel can’t remember anything from that point on and they tried 2 transactions of £370 and £264 luckily they didn’t go through but I’m sure 2 girls walked me home but £200 was withdrawn from ATM on my debit card but wallet was empty when I wake up. Also I slept clothed and had no tshirt on under my jacket or belt on my jeans. Really think I was spiked then robbed!

  36. Hi, I work for the “Bild am Sonntag”, Europe’s biggest weekly newspaper. I’m currently working on a story on the subject. If you are a victim (especially from Germany), please get in touch with me and tell me your story.

    • Hello, I live in Germany and I come from UK
      Last week in Lodz I when to Mystery Club, had one drink plus given a shot and woke up on the street at 8.00am. managed to get back to hotel. I have small clips of memory but not a lot.
      Robbed of 3,000 Euro, debit card plus credit card with many other attempts. cancelled my cards and now completely bank documents plus have to report to police -.not so easy as my German is not so good
      Feel stupid, embraced and sick – spent 3 days in bed feels shit!!
      I have had many night ps in Germany out to clubs, drinking a lot and having fun but this was completely different, definitely drugged!!!! P

    • Hast Du einen Bericht über das Problem gemacht? Falls Ja, bitte mal um eine Kopie des Artikels. Bin selber Opfer 05/18

    • I fully agree, and would happily like to join any pressure group to bring these criminals to account for their crimes!

  37. Hi all, Musa and Matteo, just the same bad experience at klub minus on Friday, and I can’t remember a single thing that happened there. All I remember is these two girls I met in Enklawa. I already had a few drinks there with friends, but remember I was just fine up until one point where it all blanked. Don’t know how long I stayed in Minus after, how I even got there and what I did once in this shit hole, but I’m sure I was actually actually drugged at Enklawa from the start. I ended up -1400€ on my debit card, and that’s from receipts I saw the next day in my pockets. Musa, can I contact you be email? Did you guys have similar experiences?

  38. Unfortunately I only notice this website now. The same thing happened to me in Poznan at club Extravagance (the old market). Ordered one drink, after that I cannot remember anything until I wake up on the street. A few days later I notice my credit card is cleaned to zero. I cannot believe this credit card fraud scam can keep on existing.

  39. Klub Touch, Poznan .. Don’t go there , still same dodgy practices going on as when cocomo, had drink there, don’t remember a thing, 4999zl gone twice of card and then 9999zl when checked next day ! Home in daylight drink deffo spiked

  40. Hello,

    although I comment even another section, I want to report my post even here.


    I spent the last week end in warsaw, I was in enklawa, a famous club.
    I met a girl and we started chatting and drinking together at bar, and i wasn`t worried neither suspicios, ad I had been exchange student 4 years ago and I knew it is normal to met girls in the club. I was quiet drunk, but not as much as I was loosing myself.
    I remember that I was at the bar with this girl, then blank, then I remember I “wake up” in a strip club, throwing inside a kind of champagne bucket. I am 100% sure that this girl has put something inside my drink while i was at enklawa, cause in my life i`ve never been so fucked to forget when i`m moving to another place. Then this girl took to me to bar in order to pay and I was so fucked that i put the wrong pin 3 times (I got a confusing remind of 9000 zl as import). Then I started to vomit again and she took me to the bathroom.
    Inside the bathroom, after vomiting for a while, I became conscious again, so I headed to the exit but several girls tried to stop me.
    I start shouting that I would have called the police, then I shout that I would have offer 50 zloty to get outside, and they let me get outside. Once outside i realized i was in chmielna street and i was just escaped from the minus club.
    When I was outside, I was mixed by alcohol and adrenalin, so I start to shouting against the bouncer, then I took a garbage bag and I thrown a bottle against the door (in the meanwhile the bouncer got inside). I know it had been a stupid thing, but i was out of me, It never happen me this situation.
    The bouncer came out immediately and he started to chasing me, so i started run but i felt down, the bouncer took me and sprayed chili pepper in my eyes.
    After a very hard and full of agony wayback, i had been able to head to my hotel where i had been helped by the hotel team and they washed my face with milk.
    After a couple hours I recovery my view, I look at my balance account and I saw a debit card payment of 1500 euro at minus club (which i probabily did once entered in the blank period, while i was under drug).
    I wasn`t my intention to head to this club, I never have been interested in streep club, I just got scammed by this girl. So beware of the girls you met in the clubs in the mazowiecka street and in every place.
    Unfortunately my money are gone and compared to other amounts which i read are few (but again, i had been taken there under drugs, i didn`t go there under my willing), and due to the fact that I paid by debit card I can`t do anything, I just want to report my bad experience in order to warning other people around. It wasn`t my first time in warsaw, i had been living here for 1 year as exchange student, and I knew this kind of scam happen in russia or other baltic countries. I went to enklawa and other club in the cities several times, and never had any kind of problem.

  41. It really happened to me. Last sunday i went to club Fever at the square of Wroclaw; I ordered a beer and i started talking with a girl. The next day when i saw my bank account i realized that i have lost 3000 euros. I remember few things but i know that i put the Pin of the card to pay things. Is there anything i can do to take the money back or I have just to assumed that this money its gone?

  42. Exactly the same thing happened to me!, I used my credit card to purchase two drinks!, the next day they had taken £3200!!!, out of my account, I can’t believe this is still going on!!

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