Still going on in 2017

I was scammed 3 years ago in 2013, can’t believe its still going on. From some of the comments:

I am a victim, 20k in one hour

Hi, I work for the “Bild am Sonntag”, Europe’s biggest weekly newspaper. I’m currently working on a story on the subject. If you are a victim (especially from Germany), please get in touch with me and tell me your story.

I had a similar issue with Diamond Dolls in Paceville. Scammed me out of 3K!
These places need to be shut down, amazing that they can continue to operate.

we have to unite 6500 dollars gone from my card? how does it happen in an hour

Unfortunately I only notice this website now. The same thing happened to me in Poznan at club Extravagance (the old market). Ordered one drink, after that I cannot remember anything until I wake up on the street. A few days later I notice my credit card is cleaned to zero. I cannot believe this credit card fraud scam can keep on existing.

Klub Touch, Poznan .. Don’t go there , still same dodgy practices going on as when cocomo, had drink there, don’t remember a thing, 4999zl gone twice of card and then 9999zl when checked next day ! Home in daylight drink deffo spiked

See more comments and add yours.

The site is still getting traffic

Here are the top words.


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The clubs have changed their names from Cocomo, for example, one is called Princess, Passion and another called Obsession Gdansk. Also One Night (“One Night”), in Sopot Kittens (“Kitten”) and Desire (“Desire”), in Krakow Pleasure (“Pleasure”) and Wild Night (” Wild Night “), and Poznan Touch (” Touch “) and Temptation (” Temptation “).


5 thoughts on “Still going on in 2017

  1. I got back from Krakow yesterday… The same has happened to me in Wild Nights with the total not quite clear as yet but currently at £2000. The banks did block my cards!

    Anonymous, you mention with the help of this website you got some cash back? How ?

    Many thanks

    • A different person here but I can answer.

      If you paid with a credit card, you need to file a dispute, saying you were defrauded and want them to get the money back.

      If you paid with debit card, its going to be harder but call up your bank and say you were robbed. Use this site to show loads of other people have been done by the same scam, also on trip advisor, its showing people who have been scammed by this.

      Maybe you coudl write to your local MP too.

      Good luck with it.

  2. Same here in the Minus in Warsaw for me and my friends.

    A squad of young ladies explaining that the entrance is free, a first round of beer 50 zl. We pay in cash, then arrives a round of shots that noone had ordered. One of my friend order a private dance, he is not coming back after 30 min… I go get him back and a small argument with the waitress breaks. One of the dancer comes and say that my friend has almost finished and that i must relax in one of the private room. She wants me to drink one of their shots and after the waitress comes back and ask me to pay the extended time of my friend 230 zl. Then a second dancer comes in with a champagne bottle. everything after is blurry… hopefully 5 min later my other friends burst in we leave the club…

    In fact they modified the amount before i typed the pin adding a 9 at the end. –2309 zl that 500e for them + empty pocket (220zl) Of course my other friend had payed his dances and drinks…

    The con is not subtle and visible and the Police wont do nothing, it’s embarassing for the Poles…

    I wish we had second thought before entering that shithole.

    sorry if my english sucks im French 😉

  3. In January 2017 i got drugged and scammed for 11 000 euros at club Wild Nights in Krakow. With the help of this website etc, i got around 5000 euros back from my bank. I agreed with the girl to get a quick lapdance for 130zloty. Then she gave me a “free shot”. It all went completely black, and my card was cleaned to zero, approximately 50 000 zloty was taken.

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