Some action on the Strip Club Scam

Looks like they have been raided in July 2017.   Basically the old Cocomo club in Gdansk has been raided.


From google translate


At night operation, which began after hours. 1, were involved nearly 80 police officers and, among others, experts from the Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters in Gdansk, National Fiscal Administration officials, experts in the field of chemistry.

Stopped mainly women, workers, but also the manageress of the club. From customers on the spot, blood and urine tests – it was necessary because the measures after day disappear from the body and are undetectable. Chemists also studied on the spot any suspicious substances which are secured there. The first tests have confirmed the presence of the drinks served there psychoactive drugs.

Police action is a response to numerous requests from clients of the club, who accuse employees of illegal dealings. Customers network of clubs – mostly tourists complained repeatedly to high bills which they had to pay for alcohol, claiming that they could be given the means of intoxication drinks. The amounts which lost on those premises after several hours stay usually ranged from a few to several hundred thousand.

The police in recent months took over police stations from dozens of procedures, which analyzed. Officers interviewed dozens of people, analyzed hours of recordings from cameras installed in the premises and thoroughly compared all events focusing on information provided by the victims.

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If you have been cheated by this strip club in Poland, please direct your bank to the article above.  Shows you are no responsible and that they most likely drugged you.


I don’t see how the banks can’t give you your money back after this. They are blatantly robbing people at these clubs.

Can read more in English here too


4 thoughts on “Some action on the Strip Club Scam

  1. This just happened to me! Thank you for posting all of this information. Has there been any success in disputing the charges on a CC?

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