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People still getting scammed by this strip club. Be very careful when on your stag or bachelor party in Poland.

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Best of luck if you were cheated. You can get your money back if you paid with credit card. Harder with debit card. Hopefully, I won’t be needing to publish this in 2018 but who knows, been going on for years so might be a few more years before it gets shut down for good.


Some action on the Strip Club Scam

Looks like they have been raided in July 2017.   Basically the old Cocomo club in Gdansk has been raided.


From google translate


At night operation, which began after hours. 1, were involved nearly 80 police officers and, among others, experts from the Forensic Laboratory of the Police Headquarters in Gdansk, National Fiscal Administration officials, experts in the field of chemistry.

Stopped mainly women, workers, but also the manageress of the club. From customers on the spot, blood and urine tests – it was necessary because the measures after day disappear from the body and are undetectable. Chemists also studied on the spot any suspicious substances which are secured there. The first tests have confirmed the presence of the drinks served there psychoactive drugs.

Police action is a response to numerous requests from clients of the club, who accuse employees of illegal dealings. Customers network of clubs – mostly tourists complained repeatedly to high bills which they had to pay for alcohol, claiming that they could be given the means of intoxication drinks. The amounts which lost on those premises after several hours stay usually ranged from a few to several hundred thousand.

The police in recent months took over police stations from dozens of procedures, which analyzed. Officers interviewed dozens of people, analyzed hours of recordings from cameras installed in the premises and thoroughly compared all events focusing on information provided by the victims.

read more 


If you have been cheated by this strip club in Poland, please direct your bank to the article above.  Shows you are no responsible and that they most likely drugged you.


I don’t see how the banks can’t give you your money back after this. They are blatantly robbing people at these clubs.

Can read more in English here too

Warning – POZNAŃ STRIP CLUB – Touch club

I spotted this in the comments and thought it was worthy of its own post in case it gets lost.

A reader called John made this comment

Another story – touch club poznan. Went in and paid about 100 zlotys cash for entrance for two of us. Before long I was in a room with one of the girls, and she was literally pouring vodka drinks down my throat. They said 300 zlotys for the room, I tried to pay with my debit card and – luckily for me- it was declined. I thought this was odd because theres enough money in the account. Anyway 5 minutes later I was outside, with no recollection of how I got there. My friend came out and gave me my shoes, which I had left behind.

When I called my bank they said it was flagged as a probable fraud at the time, I think they know this company. They tried to put through GBP 750 and GBP 1220. Both were declined at point of sale, luckily for me.

I’m certain I was spiked too.



His friend then gave another side to the story 

This message is in relation to Johns message (sent 3rd July)

Hi all,

My friend John (already made a statement on this page) and I were visiting Poznań and all the clubs, bars and restaurants it had to offer. However, after a brilliant Saturday night out, we thought it was a fantastic idea, of course with little persuasions from the Polish promoters outside the strip club, to go into the strip club for 49zl per person (est GBP 9.50). With this enterence fee, one FREE shot of Vodka was provided. As such, we decided to go in and give it a try. At this point, we were both drunk enough BUT still well aware of what was going on!

In the club…

Once we sat down in the strip club, my friend John paid for our entrance fee. Thankfully he paid by cash rather than card. Moments after he paid, a Polish hooker came over and sat between us and started talking about various things. About 5 minutes after conversing, John and I (with the Hooker still in between us) drank our Vodka shots that was free from our enterence fee. After this, more FREE shot were coming to the table. At that time, John and I thought nothing of it. After the four shots, John decided to go into a private room with the hooker at the cost of 300zl (est GBP 70.00). Whilst he was in the private room, two other girls came over to me and started to pour more Vodka shots down my throat whilst one sat on my lap. At that point, I had enough of Alcohol and refused any more. The two hookers asked if I wanted to go to a room. Thankfully I wasn’t in the mood so I said no I was okay. After I said no, one of them said if I could buy her a drink which costs 279zl (est GBP 60.00). I said this was too much for two drinks. This was almost the same price of taking the hooker to a private room. As I said no to the private room and refused to pay 279zl for two drinks, one of the hookers got slightly aggressive and called me Gay. Very homophobic indeed!!! Both hookers left me seated at the table whilst my friend John was having, that I thought, the time of his life. 15 minutes later ….

When John came out ……

When John left the private room, he had no shirt on, no belt, no shoes and his socks were almost off he’s feet. He looked a state. He was so drunk, he could barely walk straight. He came over to me with one of the hookers and said he’s card declined. A group of hookers surrounded us and started to get aggressive as Johns card declined in the private room, twice. They tried to get me pay via card but I refused. I thought it would be a good idea to call my Polish friend who happened to be in Poland at the time when John and Iwere there but unfortunately he was in Warsaw not Poznań. However, he strongly advised to call the Police. Once I mentioned this to John, the Polish hookers heard and got so aggressive it was unbelievable. You wouldn’t think it would be intimidating but I can assure you it was. Especially being in a foreign country. 5 minutes after this ruckus, I wasn’t able to find my friend as one of the hookers said he went back into the private room to find he’s shoes. 15 minutes after trying to find him, I found him outside in the middle of Poznań square lying on the floor without a shirt on, shoes and bottoms slightly loose. Somehow I managed to pick him up and carried him to the cab. That entire day, except 1 hour of it, he spent sleeping. HE HAD BEEN POISIONED AND ALMOST ROBBED. Thankfully we both got away with it.


Anybody who is planning to go to any strip clubs in Poznań, DONT!!!! If you do, ONLY TAKE CASH. A limited amount of it!!! Be careful and stay safe!!!!!

Still unreal it can happen in 2017.   Stay safe guys but readers of this site undoubtedly have been scammed.  Best off getting a pre-paid credit card such as revolut to go abroad with.

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Check out the main page for more info on this scam.

If you have been scammed, do not give up.  Write to your bank and tell them its a fraud.  This must be stopped.

Some hope for people in Norway

Only just found this but it appears that if you are from Norway, you might be able to get your money back

A Norwegian court has ordered a bank to cover a £23,400 drink and lap-dance bill run up by one man during a night at a Polish strip club.

The court made the decision after it concluded he had been drugged and could not be held responsible for his actions.



Its so blatantly a scam.  Please carry on fighting til the end.

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Still going on in 2017

I was scammed 3 years ago in 2013, can’t believe its still going on. From some of the comments:

I am a victim, 20k in one hour

Hi, I work for the “Bild am Sonntag”, Europe’s biggest weekly newspaper. I’m currently working on a story on the subject. If you are a victim (especially from Germany), please get in touch with me and tell me your story.

I had a similar issue with Diamond Dolls in Paceville. Scammed me out of 3K!
These places need to be shut down, amazing that they can continue to operate.

we have to unite 6500 dollars gone from my card? how does it happen in an hour

Unfortunately I only notice this website now. The same thing happened to me in Poznan at club Extravagance (the old market). Ordered one drink, after that I cannot remember anything until I wake up on the street. A few days later I notice my credit card is cleaned to zero. I cannot believe this credit card fraud scam can keep on existing.

Klub Touch, Poznan .. Don’t go there , still same dodgy practices going on as when cocomo, had drink there, don’t remember a thing, 4999zl gone twice of card and then 9999zl when checked next day ! Home in daylight drink deffo spiked

See more comments and add yours.

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The clubs have changed their names from Cocomo, for example, one is called Princess, Passion and another called Obsession Gdansk. Also One Night (“One Night”), in Sopot Kittens (“Kitten”) and Desire (“Desire”), in Krakow Pleasure (“Pleasure”) and Wild Night (” Wild Night “), and Poznan Touch (” Touch “) and Temptation (” Temptation “).